Proposed change could keep inmates from bonding out on weekends at Jackson County jail

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Months after reports of inmate deaths, searches for contraband and other issues, there's a new twist at the Jackson County jail -- and it could mean a weekend in jail for some people.

Currently, someone can be bonded out of the jail seven days a week, after business hours and on weekends. But one source tells FOX4 that could change.

The source said if a new plan is approved, anyone brought to the Jackson County jail after 5 p.m. on a Friday will have to sit in jail over the weekend and wait to be bonded out on Monday morning.

At this time, this is just a proposed idea Corrections Director Diana Turner and her team are considering as they review bonding procedures at the jail.

Of course, accepting bonds is the responsibility of the court, and Turner said "alternatives for after-hours bonding, including the possibility of digital applications where citizens can pay a bond with a credit card instead of cash, are under review."

In a statement sent to FOX4 on Wednesday, Turner said, "These changes are being made to provide a safer environment for our staff and to reduce the risk to citizens coming to the jail after hours with large quantities of cash."

Turner said she, local law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and others are still discussing the bonding issues right now and have decide to delay implementing a new policy.

In the meantime, a 17-member special committee is still evaluating the jail and may release its findings later this summer.