Gettin’ Comfortable with Mark Alford

It’s no secret that FOX4’s Mark Alford has the gift of gab. He’s made a career of speaking to the people of Kansas City. Whether it’s hard-hitting questions or candid conversation, Mark gets Kansas City’s most influential people to open up. He doesn’t just talk; he listens. Now you can listen too.

Mark’s podcast “Gettin’ Comfortable with Mark Alford” is an open dialogue with the men and women who are helping weave the rich fabric we call “HOME.”

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Larissa Shively-Vitt: Transgender Issues 101

Larissa Shively-Vitt is a transgender woman who smokes a mean brisket, can take apart and reassemble an Apache helicopter, but also, almost took her own life. She gets comfortable with Mark Alford, opening up about her pursuit of happiness.

Damone Cox and Greg Winship: Center for Conflict Resolution

For more than 20 years, the number one known motive for murder in Kansas City has been arguments, not drug or gun-related violence. The Center for Conflict Resolution is pushing to lower the murder rate in Kansas City by breaking the cycle of anger and teaching children and teens how to resolve conflicts peacefully. FOX4’s Mark Alford sits down with two people from the center to learn more about this problem.

Frank White: Jackson County Executive

Mark talks with Jackson County Executive Frank White about the controversy surrounding the special assessments of taxes for Jackson County. Rates have been skyrocketing, and residents are demanding to know why.

Jolie Justus: Kansas City Mayoral Candidate

Quinton Lucas: Kansas City Mayoral Candidate

Craig Glazer: “The King of Sting

Bob Kendrick: President of Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Rick Smith: Kansas City Police Chief

Gail Worth: Harley Davidson Dealer, Motivational Speaker

Frank White: Kansas City Royal, Jackson County Executive

Dayton Moore: Kansas City Royals General Manager

Jeff Colyer: Governor of Kansas

“Stretch”: Owner of Grinders in the Crossroads

Erin Brockovich: Environmental activist, consumer advocate

Deron Cherry: Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer

Shawn Edwards: Film critic

Ollie Gates: Owner of Gates Bar-B-Q

Kelly Urich: Radio host on 94.9 KCMO

Tech N9ne: Rapper, music producer, and entrepreneur with Strange Music

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