Family of missing Liberty woman says remains found in Cass County are not her

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. -- The family of a local, missing woman says the human remains found in rural Cass County late Friday night are not Desirea Ferris of Liberty, Mo.

Ferris has been missing since May of last year.

"We knew yesterday unofficially but today we just found out officially to where I can announce....The remains in Harrisonville are NOT Desirea," Desirea’s stepmom, Jennifer Ferris, posted Monday to a page dedicated to bringing her home.

In the post she says the family feels, "defeated, exhausted, emotional and heartbroken." She asked for continued prayers as they keep pushing to find their missing loved one.

Deputies were called to the area of south Mopac Road between East 235th and East 239th streets after the remains were found in a wooded area by mushroom hunters.

“We received a call last night, at about 19:00 hours, seven o’clock last night. We had a mushroom hunter in the area who located what they thought were human remains,” Cass County Sheriff Jeff Weber said.

It could take days or even weeks before the medical examiner can identify the remains.

“We don’t have anybody that we believe it may be, however there are numerous missing people around the metropolitan area and obviously that’s one of the first things we do is begin to try and correlate that list with what we may have here,” Weber said.

In April 2017, mushroom hunters discovered the remains of missing women Jessica Runions and Kara Kopetsky in a rural location about 10 miles west of this latest discovery.

“It’s heartbreaking. You tear up, you’re sick at your stomach, you’re panicked because you want to get to where she is so if it is her and they can identify her quickly, she’s not alone,” Jennifer told FOX4 Saturday.

She and some others went to the scene as deputies were investigating Saturday morning.

“We asked a lot of questions about belongings around, hair color, anything they could tell us and they couldn’t tell us anything about it,” Jennifer said.

But Jennifer and others who have been helping with the search have several hunches given the location of this discovery.

“The people that she was last with are very familiar with it and connected to that area. Family members live within miles of that area. We’ve had tips that she was taken down there and dumped,” Jennifer said.

Family, friends and a slew of other concerned people say they’ll continue to look for Desirea.

“Until we know 100 percent for sure that she has been found we will keep looking,” Spike, a close friend of the Ferris family and search party coordinator said.