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Independence tow truck owner worries how stolen truck could be used

UPDATE: Shortly after this story aired Monday night on FOX4 News, Caster's stolen truck was found. A FOX4 viewer who had seen the tow truck called police.

Original story:

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- An Independence man's tow truck was stolen from his driveway early Monday morning, and that could be bad news for metro drivers.

"I got my kid ready to take her to day care, and I walk outside and there`s one less truck in the driveway than there should have been," Aaron Caster said.

Caster's Tow and Transport's black and pink wrecker, with breast cancer awareness ribbons in honor of his grandmother, was taken from the home on Truman Road. He called police all around the metro, asking them to be on the lookout, but he doubts the truck will still have its distinctive pink lettering or fender.

"It is a truck that stands out a lot. So I`d assume that would be the first thing they'd do is paint it or cover it up or somehow," he said.

But then what will the thieves do with it? Plenty of thoughts are running through Caster's mind. They could try to take any parked car.

"If you do'`t have the right person that knows how to secure the vehicle the right way to the truck, they don`t strap it down, chain it down properly -- where it lands, there`s no telling," Caster said.

Or they could show up to a disabled vehicle on the side of the road.

"They could say 'We`ll tow it for you. Don`t worry,' and then you are getting your car towed or stolen by someone that has a stolen truck. The last thing we want to see is someone who gets scammed or taken advantage of in that aspect," Caster said.

Now that a thief is in control of the tow truck, Caster offers the following advice to all drivers.

"Make sure it's somebody you can trust. Your gut will tell you this truck looks a little shady. Whose truck is it? If you can`t tell that, that would be the first red flag," he said.