City celebrates growth, restoration of West Bottoms with week full of events

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The West Bottoms Reborn Project is nearing completion, and this week there were a series of events to celebrate the work done to help restore the area.

The final public engagement series for the West Bottoms Reborn is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. and runs until 1  p.m. at The Faultless Starch Event Space on West 8th Street.

The conversation that eventually led to the West Bottoms Reborn Project started back in 2015. The idea was to help make the West Bottoms a place people wanted to visit but also live in.

There were five goals for the project when it started:

-Support artists and art production in the West Bottoms
-Increase social engagement through the integration of art
-Invest in infrastructure and public space needs
-Increase art production through said development
-Increase population and jobs in the area

To date all five goals have been met. There are stretches of public art spaces as well as art based shops and warehouses. First Fridays have been a hit in the area as well. The number of residents has also seen a steady increase since the implementation of this plan--a plan the city says has been a success.

"It's really cool to see what's happening in the West Bottoms now because for a long time there you basically went to Kemper Arena and there wasn't a whole lot of other things to do there," spokesperson for the city, Chris Hernandez said. "One or two restaurants and that was about it. Now there are so many things. I was down there just a few weeks ago for First Friday weekends and there are just acres of antique shops and vintage stores in all of those old warehouses."