Cool-headed classmates rush to help KC 6th grader

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Twelve-year-old Londyn Hooker has a big smile on her face because she’s feeling a lot better.

“I feel blessed and I’m honored to be here. My head isn’t hurting anymore. I had been sleeping and resting and doctors say I’m fortunate to have survived that,” Hooker said.

Londyn is a sixth grader at Johnson Elementary School in the Hickman Mills School District.

She said last week she was in music class when she had her first scare.

“On Thursday, I was in the music room and this girl’s back pack was under my chair,” Londyn said.

All of a sudden, the sixth grader became the victim of a freak accident.

“She told me she needed her backpack and I was about to get up, but it happened so fast. The chair went with her back pack and the chair slid from under me and I hit my head on the back of a book shelf,” Londyn recalled.

The next day Londyn was having fun on a swing at school during recess when she just didn’t feel right.

“I was swinging too high and then I start to slow down because I’m starting to black out and that’s all I remember. It was very scary because my vision was blurry and I was dizzy,” Londyn said Tuesday during an interview the FOX4’s Robert Townsend.

“She had her eyes closed and then she backed up and then she fell all the way back. I put my arms up under her back, so she couldn’t fall,” 11 year old R’Zhairon Dowdy said.

An alert Dowdy saw Londyn needed help and that’s when he ran to catch his classmate.

“I remember all of it. Everybody was yelling and saying stuff like whoa, get her, help her,” Dowdy said.

Other students carefully helped Londyn off the swing. One fifth grader quickly took off his jacket and offered to use it as a pillow to comfort the girl’s head. Paramedics arrived to the school and checked the sixth grader out.

Londyn’s mom took her to Children’s Mercy Hospital where doctors said the girl suffered a concussion the day before when she hit her head.

“It’s important to help someone in need because if you don’t you can make the situation worse. I’m just glad she’s okay, “ R’Zhairon Dowdy said.

“Okay” thanks to her cool-headed classmates whose teacher says remained calm during Londyn’s scare.

Now, everyone at Johnson Elementary call Londyn’s helpers “heroes.”

“Yes, I truly believe they’re heroes. When they told me their names I was happy because I already knew those children. The new Avengers movie just came out and you know there are heroes everywhere,” Leslie Wemimo, Londyn’s mom, said.

So, what’s the first thing Londyn wants to say to her heroes when she returns to school?

“I’m gonna tell them all thank you! I’m gonna give them big hugs. I know they’re gonna be excited to see me,” Londyn said again with that bright smile.