Witnesses recall carjacking that led to police chase in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police took an alleged carjacking suspect into custody Wednesday morning following a chase in Kansas City.

The chase started around 10 a.m., when the man allegedly carjacked someone near Winner Road and Blue Ridge Boulevard.

Lee Hills said a disturbance that happened right outside his home could have turned deadly.

"I was in the house, I come on the porch and I saw that there was something going on our here," Hills said. "A man come to buy some paint from me and a guy was walking down the street and decided he was going to jump in with this guy and commandeer his vehicle."

The man who stole the car was armed.

"I just tried to keep the guys, either of them, from hurting each other," Hills recalled." Over a vehicle or a life, I think a life is way more tragic to lose than a vehicle."

When police arrived at hills home to take a report, the suspect drove back by the crime scene in the stolen SUV. Police went after him, but the man wouldn't pull over.

"We were outside when they came through the street and went down to the park," witness Lois Wilson said.

She said it's not the first time a criminal has picked this neighborhood to try to outrun police.

"Some of them start here and then they wind up coming back because they know the neighborhood and I guess think they can get away because there`s tunnels there in the woods not that far in," Wilson said.

After stopping in Winner Park, the suspect ran towards those the woods, but didn't get far before police caught up with him. Those who saw it happen, are happy the chase ended before anyone got hurt.

"You never know what that could end up being, that could hurt people that are not even part of it and that would be terrible," Hills said.

Police said the chase lasted about 30 minutes. It stretched through backyards, residential areas and Winner Park. Thankfully no injuries were reported.