Witnesses recount police shooting at Lenexa McDonalds that left suspect injured

LENEXA, Kan. -- The Johnson County Sheriff's Department is now investigating a police shooting that happened Tuesday night. No officers were injured, but the suspect was shot and taken to the hospital.

It started when police spotted the suspect in a stolen car at the McDonalds at 87th and Maurer.

“I appreciate the Lenexa police for keeping the community safe and protected,” Edmond Richmond said.

Richmond was leaving the McDonalds in Lenexa with his wife and three kids but couldn’t get to his car because there were police surrounding the car next to his.

“I went to reach for the door, and I heard, 'Get out of the car,' and seen the police officer draw her firearm," Richmond said.

Instead of getting out of the stolen car, the man tried to get away.

"And then you just see the car just speed in reverse and the back end completely lifted on to the front part of the police officer’s cruiser and then he took off," Richmond said. "And he jumped the curb hitting a guard rail and as he did that a police officer let lose two rounds. Sounded as if three more rounds were let loose at that time, and they just kept driving, travelling 90 miles an hour down 87th Street.”

Police chased the car down 87th Street to 81st and Woodland where the suspect gave up.

"It was just everybody out of the way at that particular moment and you just seen everybody frantically move left or right and some people heading east went into the westbound lane," Richmond said. "It was just a lot of turmoil that could have ended in a lot more tragic way.”

Ginny Pellman was watching TV in her apartment when she said she heard gunshots and peeked outside to see police swarming the area. Not something she expected in Lenexa on a Tuesday night.

"Then having the play place, lots of kids over there which was my main concern,” Pellman said.

Richmond said he and his family were parked on one side of the stolen car, and another man and his family were parked on the other side.  It was a scene made more intense by the children who could have been hurt.

“My son, he was just he was amazed by the situation, honestly and he was scared in the same sense," Richmond said. "And then the last statement he made to us was like, can we pray for the police officer tonight?”

The suspect was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition and is now recovering.

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