Storms cause heavy damage, collapsed ceilings at apartment buildings in Grandview

GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- On Thursday, families across the metro woke up to storm damage, and tenants at one Grandview apartment complex were no exception. Their ceiling collapsed.

It was a busy day for the fire marshal in Grandview who spent the day at multiple homes and apartment buildings impacted by the storm.

“We ride around looking for damage like we did this morning. After that, we wait for reports,” Fire Marshal Lew Austin said.

Austin visited three different apartment complexes, including the Candlelite Apartments, Daisy Walnuts Apartment and Brentwood Park Apartments.

“Most of these are flat roofs, so the wind got underneath the membrane and lifted up the roof,” Austin said.

Anthony Jackson moved to the Candlelite Apartments 10 years ago. On Thursday, he returned home with his wife and two children to find that the ceiling had collapsed and his living room was filled with water.

“You can see part of the ceiling is everywhere. Everything is damaged and the couch has been soaked because its been raining all night,” said Jackson.

In total, three units were damaged at the Candlelite Apartments.

At the Brentwood Park Apartments, crews were busy all day picking up debris and cleaning up after the storm.

“I woke up to a lot of debris. I guess our hallway door opened up a little bit during the storm so it was all in the hallway,” resident Markesha Wilson said.