Local DJ Kelly Urich puts the ‘Flippin Fantastic’ pancake maker to the test

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Do you love making pancakes at home, but hate the mess? There's a product that promises to fix all that.

It's called "Flippin Fantastic." FOX4's Kerri Stowell and local radio D.J. Kelly Urich try it before you buy it.

Urich has graced Kansas City's airwaves for nearly 29 years. When Urich isn't busy deejaying for 94.9 KCMO, he's busy playing husband to Hillary and dad to two girls.

"I do all the cooking around the house. Maybe not all. If it's a steak or something with meat involved, I'm the guy," Urich said.

So FOX4 asked the "home chef" to test the "Flippin Fantastic" -- a nonstick, silicone ring that promises to flip multiple pancakes at the same time without the mess. We bought the product on asseenontvstore.com for $15.

"We make a lot of pancakes here. The pancake bar is set pretty high in our family. It had better bring it if it's going to impress us. That's all I'm gonna say," Urich said.

Urich opened the box and read the instructions. The first step is to cure the silicone ring by placing it on a hot pan until it hardens and lays flat. Then make your favorite pancake batter. The final step is to fill the ring with the batter and when the bottom turns golden brown, simply lift and flip.

According to Urich, the first go-round didn't go as planned. He exclaimed, "It's a burnt disaster!"

Urich cleaned the "Flippin Fantastic" for round two, filled the silicone ring with more batter, and waited. He checked how the batter was cooking and said, "This is a little more promising. The first go-round, it wasn't going to happen. The problem I'm going to have with this is the size of the pancakes. That's a nibble, right? Maybe I just have a big belly, but that's a nibble to me."

So far, the "Flippin Fantastic" appears to be one for two. Urich and his daughter, Ally, bellied up to the kitchen counter and loaded their pancakes with butter and syrup.

"It tastes like pancakes. Not bad," Urich said.

When asked if the "Flippin Fantastic" is worth the money, Urich responded, "I tried it. I don't think I'd buy it. The less stuff I have to clean, the happier I am. It seems like it's just another thing I have to clean."

So there you have it. According to 94.9 KCMO's Kelly Urich, the "Flippin Fantastic" is a flippin' fail.

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