Students at metro school say it’s infested with bed bugs

PECULIAR, Mo. -- Students at Raymore-Peculiar Academy say they can’t focus at school because the building is infested with bed bugs.

In fact, some students said they’re not going back to class until the issue is fixed.

“They’re in the hallway. They come out of the lockers. You can see them coming out of the lockers. In the lunchroom, a student had one on her hoodie,” student Tyler Addison said.

“I found one on my jacket, and it was crawling toward me,” student Daisy Moore said.

“I noticed a couple weeks ago they were crawling in the halls and on one student, and when I reported it to the school counselor and school principal, they kind of blew it off but contacted the superintendent,” Addison said.

A Raymore-Peculiar School District spokesperson said after a student reported seeing two insects, the district searched the building and found no additional insects. They sprayed the facility, installed tack strips, and called an exterminator.

On May 2, the exterminator found three bed bugs -- two dead and one living. The exterminator stated that he was confident the bugs were not nesting in the building nor is the building infested.

He said the bugs were inadvertently brought into the building by a person or persons. The building was treated the night of May 2.

“When the superintendent found out, he supposedly treated it. And when I came back to school, there were more bed bugs, and they seemed even worse than before it was treated,” Addison said.

“My friends and I keep finding more and more,” Moore said.

Addison said he’s missed multiple days of school because of this.

“I don’t want to take bed bugs home. That’s gross,” he said.

And he said any students missing class because of the bed bugs are not having their absences excused.

“It’s very distracting, yes. My friends and I, when we’re sitting in class, we feel like they’re crawling on us, even if they’re not there. It’s paranoia,” Addison said. “It’s hard to focus.”

Moore said she’s switching schools.

“My mom and I both decided that was disgusting, and I shouldn’t be in an environment like that anymore,” she said.

As she’s worried she’s going to bring them home.

“I feel like all I worried about is if a bug would come onto me, and infest my place,” Moore said.