Joe’s Weather Blog: Spring continues to bloom around the area (SUN-5/6)

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Good afternoon. Skies across the region are clearing out nicely after some isolated sprinkles in the region this morning…overall another warm spring day on tap this afternoon. There may be an isolated storm develop but overall…80s should cover things despite a weak front moving through the region. The week will be typical of spring with temperatures running 5-10° above average for most of the week with a few rain/storm chances.


Tonight: Clear skies and somewhat cooler with lows near 50°

Monday: Sunny and mild with highs well into the 70s. East winds of 10-20 MPH

Tuesday: Partly cloudy…there may be a few showers/storms later in the day into Wednesday. Highs well into the 70s again.


Pretty short blog I think today…sort of catching up a bit.

The biggest local weather news goes back to what happened on Wednesday night. The NWS was inspecting the situation in JACO MO…and while we knew about 1 tornado in Raytown…they found a 2nd area of damage and decided that too was tornado related. So now Raytown has had 2 tornadoes from the storms on Wednesday night.

Add in Belton (EF0) and Overland Park/Leawood (EF1) and that’s 4 tornadoes in the Metro from that. A 5th tornado struck earlier towards northern MO around the Big Lake area.

Impressive in my book at least and we’re so thankful that they were “weak” as opposed to something more damaging. I’m sure some of the power poles and trees don’t feel that way…but in the big picture we dealt with it rather well and I got to use the term mesovorticies a bunch of times too!

Have you noticed that the trees are just now getting their act together with leaves. It’s still somewhat strange to me to be driving around and seeing trees that are leaf-less. Their gradually catching up I think and that trend continues this week which means another big week of tree pollens.

From a weather standpoint…this will be an OK week although there will be storm opportunities. There’s nothing really to grasp on to though…chances here and there…later Tuesday into Wednesday AM…something later in the week into the weekend. The later TUE>WED chances are there…as some weak disturbances travel across the Plains. Moisture may be somewhat of a limiting factor ahead of this though…so we’ll see how it all comes together. The NAM model tries to push dew points into the 60s later on Tuesday. Not sure if that might be a bit too aggressive with a wind direction mostly from the SE

Perhaps the last choice is the choice that bears the most watching…although even that will play out differently I think than what the guidance suggests. There will be quite a bit of warm air building up in the southern US and seeping into the Plains and with that warm air comes higher dew points…in the month of May that is usually all we need with some disturbances in the flow…to set things off.

How severe the storms will be remains to be seen…but we’ll be watching next FRI>SAT a bit more carefully. Of course that is also the time period for racing out at KS Speedway.

Speaking of which…in the last blog I talked about the anniversaries on May 4th…in particular the the events out towards KCK and KC North. Richard Anderson sent me this video…it’s about 18 minutes long of the security cam footage of the tornado first forming and also some storm chaser footage.

It’s a reminder of the season we’re in. Hopefully what happened on Wednesday night is the “worst” of our severe storm season. We’ve received so many kind words about the coverage that night…including these…

In honor of the season…and since I haven’t changed our twitter profile picture in years I thought it was time to “freshen” things up a bit!

Finally a more geological moment. Have you been paying attention to the events in Hawaii? The Big Island has been experiencing larger than typical earthquakes including a 6.9 whooper (strongest since 1975) that indicates that the volcano is going through changes. Cracks in the earths crust are oozing with lava through one of the subdivisions out there. Think about that. We’ll see pictures of large cracks in the ground after an earthquake…perhaps a field or a street. There where the cracks appear…lava is flowing and shooting out.

This picture though…

Here is our feature photo for the blog…from Charley Caron

Have a great Monday…no blog tomorrow…let’s see how the week goes for additional weather updates.


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