Family searching for homeless man who saved their loved one’s life

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro family is searching for a homeless man who happened to be at the right place at the right time.

David Webb, 51, was badly injured when he was working on a job. Doctors and paramedics say if it weren't for the quick-thinking homeless man, Webb would not be alive today.

“He's an angel,” Shannon Webb, David’s brother, said. “He saved my brother's life.”

“Thank you, Lord, for being there, for saving him,” David’s girlfriend, Mindy Thomas, said.

David Webb recovering in the hospital after his arm was crushed

David will undergo several surgeries at St. Luke’s Hospital. Doctors are trying to reconstruct his left arm.

David's mother told FOX4 on Tuesday that the first surgery went well. He is planned to have two more.

He was injured Friday when a 10,000 lb. lift rolled over his arm.

“They call it partial amputation,” Shannon explained.

Besides his arm, his brother said he also has some broken bones in his back, neck, and wrist.

“He's got feeling in his hands to a point. His thumb and forefinger, he can't feel anything on that, but he can wiggle his fingers,” Shannon said.

“They kind of put it to us like 50/50 on maybe losing the arm, but they're pretty sure they can save it,” Pat Parrish, David’s mom, said.

According to Webb’s family, none of this would be possible without the help of an unknown man they're calling an "angel" -- a homeless man who happened to be nearby and heard Webb’s cry for help.

“He actually went inside a building where the construction equipment was being picked up from, and he yelled for somebody to get help, and made a tourniquet of some sort to put around David's arm,” Shannon explained.

“He was sent there for a reason, and that's the reason why we are so desperate to get in touch with him, because we want to, number one, thank him, and we want to pay it forward to him,” Parrish said.

First responders who helped save David's life

Webb’s family said the homeless man took out Webb’s cell phone to call 911. He then used a trash bag as a tourniquet to tie David's arm to help save it.

Now, they are trying to find this man to properly thank him.

“He was there for a purpose, to help save David's life,” Jeanette Webb, David’s stepmom, said.

Firefighters and paramedics from Station 7, Pumper 9 Medic 9 said when they arrived at the scene near 30th and Central there was significant blood loss, and if it weren't for the homeless man, they don't think Webb would be alive.

“There was another gentleman on the scene who was part of a cleaning crew, he provided him with the trash bag, and together, they did a great job, I don't know what would have happened if it weren't for them,” firefighter Ryan Koehler said.

“He saved my son, and I want to give a big thanks to the first responders,” Parrish said. “They saved him too. Bunch of great guys.”

Webb's loved ones are raising money with A GoFundMe page to give to the homeless man, as soon as they are able to find him.

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