KCMO police give ‘all clear’ after potential bomb threat at apartment complex

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- People living at the Stonewall Court Apartments in KCMO can rest a little easier Monday night after a potential bomb threat fizzled out.

Police say around 12:30 p.m. Monday they got a report that there could be explosives at the apartment building on Independence Boulevard and Wabash Avenue.

"I've never seen anything like this before," resident Monique Evans said.

Police knocked on each door in the complex, telling residents they would need to evacuate.

"We received a tip of a potential explosive device inside an apartment. We came out in force," KCPD spokesperson Officer Kari Thompson said.

"They told us to just be on the safe side to just come out an evacuate. That they'll have buses for us, so we can not be in close proximity to the building," Evans said.

A doctor called police saying a person who lives in the building told them their apartment was booby-trapped and possibly had explosives inside.

"Our medical professionals, we rely on them, so a lot of these instances -- a lot of calls we get are because we are receiving calls from nurses or doctors. Very vital, and we`re very happy they called us today," Thompson said.

It's a little shocking to me because I've never experienced the close proximity of a bomb threat before, but I mean, I'm pretty sure - the officers they`re here, so it will be safe," Evans said.

Police don't believe there will be any arrests or charges, and getting the person help is more important.

"This person, we're more concerned about their mental and physical well-being. So they're in a hospital, and they will receive treatment," Thompson said.

Around 500 people live in the building, but because of the time of day, only about 100 had to be briefly evacuated.