Girls on the Run team from Shawnee thanks local first-responders with 500 cupcakes

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SHAWNEE, Kan. -- The Girls on the Run team at Clear Creek Elementary in Shawnee sure know how to make a statement.

In dreaming up a community service project to thank local first-responders, the young ladies decided to go big -- as in 500 cupcakes big.

“They help a lot of people because they’re the first ones to get the call,” said Ainsley Gale, a fourth-grader.

Girls on the Run is a nationwide after-school program built around running with an extra emphasis on character-building and self-confidence.

Kendall Herman coaches the team at Clear Creek Elementary.

“Some really love the lessons that we discuss, and some are here for the running, and some are here for both,” Herman said.

The 34-member Shawnee team presented the cupcakes to first-responders from all over Johnson County.

Lt. Lisa Hemphill with Johnson County MED ACT was one of the lucky cupcake recipients at Tuesday’s ceremony.

“It makes me feel like I could be a good role model for girls,” Hemphill said. “Hopefully one day they can do something like what I’m doing, whether it’s in EMS or being teachers or whatever work they want to do.”

Ainsley Gale feels deep gratitude towards the first responders but said she has different career goals.

“I want to be president,” Ainsley said.

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