Hallmark’s creative minds share secrets to perfect Mother’s Day card

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The creative minds at Hallmark know what goes in to creating the perfect card.

Fox Four’s Melissa Stern went inside the company Wednesday to learn about Hallmark's creative secrets.

“I try to think about the reason someone is going to send this and the why behind it,” said Daniel Miyares, an artist at Hallmark.

The artists, graphic designers and creative minds at Hallmark spend countless hours, weeks and months brainstorming what will go into the cards you'll be sending for holidays like Mother's Day.

“A lot of people have a hard time sometimes telling their mothers exactly what they think, so we have the ability to help them bring that connection together,” said Leigh Beck, a graphic designer.

They start with a blank canvas and then tap into their own personal experiences.

“I start with things that I would like to say, things I would like to share with my own mom, with my wife, with other people in my life,” Miyares said.

Mix in the perfect words and pictures, and the card begins to come to life.

“We start researching, which as designers we`re doing all the time, we`re going out, looking around, just absorbing everything,” Beck said. “We have a trends team that will come in, and that will give us pieces of research and inspiration, and we take all those things and brainstorm and come out with whatever we can.”

They spend a lot of time talking to people, using them as inspiration.

“Whenever you open a Hallmark card, hopefully people will see themselves and their own relationships in those cards,” said Cheryl Gaines, the editorial director at Hallmark. “Some of the trends we`re seeing this year are moms giving themselves permission to not be perfect, so you see a lot of yoga pants, messy buns, I don`t care kind of thing. It`s not about keeping the house clean. It`s about loving your family.”

And they hope by the time it reaches your loved one, they've captured a card that speaks to you.

“I want them to feel the emotion of it, and maybe even not know why they`re emotionally drawn to it, and I want them to give it to someone else who`s going to have an experience with it,” Miyares said.

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