Innocent driver seriously hurt in collision with Jax. Co. deputy pursuing driver with incorrect tags

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RAYTOWN, Mo. — An innocent driver has serious injuries and cuts to his head and a Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy was injured Wednesday morning when the initial driver the deputy tried to pull over failed to stop.

A deputy at the scene of the crash initially told FOX4 the deputy involved in the chase had two broken legs. Deputy Raashid Brown said during his 8:30 a.m. update that was not true.  You can replay that update in the video player above.

“At this time all I know is that the deputy did suffer minor injuries. I know it was reported that he had two broken legs. I can confirm that is not true. He does not have any broken legs,” Deputy Brown said.

Deputy Brown added that the innocent driver has serious, critical injuries.

“I do not to the extent to those injuries, but once I do know, I will be sure to update you,” Deputy Brown said.

Law enforcement told FOX4 the deputy attempted to pull a driver over along I-70 for not having tags that match a vehicle’s registration. The driver refused to pull over so the deputy continued to follow them.

“When the Deputy activated his emergency lights and siren, the driver inside of the Buick refused to stop. The deputy initiated a vehicle pursuit,” Deputy Brown said.

A second deputy joined in on the pursuit and deployed a GPS tracker on the suspect vehicle near I-435 and I-70.

“Once the tracker became attached to the vehicle, the deputies turned off their emergency lights and siren, discontinued the vehicle pursuit and followed the route of the fleeing vehicle by monitoring the location of the Buick via a GPS tracker system,” Brown said.

The deputy followed the suspect vehicle to 350-Highway and Gregory where the deputy collided with an innocent driver in a blue Chevrolet Caprice around 2 a.m. in front of the QuikTrip.

Victim vehicle hit near 350-Highway and Gregory Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

Officials say the impact caused the deputy’s car to hit a tree, travel through the corner of the QuikTrip’s parking lot and into a wrought iron fence.

The fence near the QuikTrip that the deputy hit Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating the crash that occurred between the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office vehicle and the Chevrolet Caprice. Investigators have not yet said whether the deputy or the innocent driver had the right of way. Both vehicles were damaged.

Traffic in both directions was shut down for approximately two hours overnight.

Independence police found the suspect vehicle near 40-Highway and Sterling. The suspect was also taken into custody, but the sheriff’s office did not say where or when.

The damaged sheriff’s deputy’s patrol vehicle.

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