Metro dad seriously injured in crash with Jackson County deputy faces long road to recovery

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RAYTOWN, Mo. -- After a crash involving a Jackson County Sheriff's Deputy left a father of four seriously injured, a worried family is focusing on their loved one's recovery.

The crash happened early Wednesday morning in Raytown. Deputies were following directions to a car that fled from an attempted traffic stop when one deputy hit a man unrelated to the pursuit in the process.

Family members say Chris Reed, who was thrown from his car in the crash, is still in critical condition in the ICU. He isn't breathing on his own.

Chris Reed in the hospital.

Reed was driving near the intersection of 350 Highway and Maple when the Jackson County Sheriff's Office said one of it's deputies crashed into him. Now friends pray for the family man and father of four.

"I feel really bad," Justine Everhart said. "Not only for him, I feel bad for all of them. I wish that I could do something. You just feel helpless."

Justine Everhart is a family friend of Reed and his girlfriend Jocelyn. She rushed to the hospital Wednesday to offer moral support and prayers while Reed laid in a hospital bed, unable to breathe on his own.

"He's got a broken clavicle. He's got broken ribs. His scalp was -- he's basically scalped," Everhart said. "And then part of his ear was torn off. And then the other ear, that one was kind of partially ripped and the bottom part of it has been losing blood, so I guess he's going to lose that little part of his earlobe."

Reed also has spinal fractures, but friends said he's making some progress. An MRI showed his brain bleed stopped. His brain does still have some bruising.

"He did a thumbs up earlier for Jocelynn," Everhart said. "He twitched when she asked him to do a thumbs up. He did move his hand."

Chris Reed

There's still a long road to recovery. Reed is a mechanic, and the primary source of income for his family, making friends concerned about his four children.

"It's obviously a huge worry," Everhart said. "What are you supposed to do when a tragedy like that happens and that serious of an injury? What are you supposed to do?"

Reed was supposed to celebrate his oldest son's 14th birthday on Friday with a BBQ. Now, friends pray he gets better so he can get back to his family soon.

"Instantly you see somebody that you care about that much like that and it's really upsetting to you," Everhart said. "You just wish you could take it away."

Friends set up a GoFundMe page for Reed and his family. His oldest son wants to help him rebuild the Chevrolet Caprice he was driving at the time of the crash once he recovers.

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