MLK Advisory Board wants new Kansas City airport to be named after the Civil Rights leader

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Could the new Kansas City airport be named after Martin Luther King Jr.?

The MLK Advisory Board thinks it should be. If approved, it would be the only major airport in the nation named after the slain Civil Rights leader.

Kansas City already has a park and a pool named after Dr. King, but a lot of residents don't think that is enough and are now thinking bigger.

During a straw poll taken during Wednesday’s advisory board meeting, changing the name of The Paseo to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard also remained one of the top choices along with naming the new airport after Dr. King, when it opens in 2022.

Another idea popular with the board is possibly renaming an east to west street such as Linwood Boulevard since it goes through both predominantly white and black neighborhoods – symbolic of Dr. King’s efforts to bring all races together.

The advisory board is asking for opinions at public meetings and on their website, where others are chiming in on this issue.

Submit your ideas online on:

The advisory board has one last meeting scheduled for Saturday, May 12 at the Marlborough Community Center at 82nd and Paseo in Kansas City.

The panel will make its final recommendation on May 21st to Mayor Sly James, who will then present their decision to the city council for a vote.