Beauty or bust? Hot 103 Jamz DJs test ‘3 Second Brow’ and ‘3 Second Lash’

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Do you want fuller eyebrows and longer lashes without breaking the bank? There are products promising just that in only 3 seconds!

So FOX4 went to Hot 103 Jamz and asked Shay Moore and Brian Shynin from "The Morning Grind with Shay and Shyne" to be our testers for the latest installment of "Try It Before You Buy It."

3 Second Lash and 3 Second Brow

Shay's tackled the "3 Second Brow" and "3 Second Lash," and Brian promised to give her his honest feedback.

"All the time he talks out of turn," Shay joked. To which Brian responded, "Every turn is my turn, baby."

FOX4 bought both products on the "As Seen on TV" website for a grand total of $45.

Shay started with the "3 Second Brow" and walked us through the process.

"There are two different shapes. I'm excited about that. This one looks more like my natural shape. This one is more rounded," she said.

Shay Moore from Hot 103 Jamz

Shay was a bit hesitant about the powder, which she said looks kind of purple.

"We'll see what it looks like on," she said. "I'm going to put (the sponge) right into the powder. I've got a good amount of powder on the sponge. What we're going to do is just apply it."

Brian stepped in for the countdown -- "One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi," -- and laughs when Shay removes the sponge.

"What do you think, Brian? Sexy?" Shay asked.

Brian Shynin from Hot 103 Jamz

As promised, Brian gives her his honest feedback.

"It looks like a shadow of an eyebrow," he said.

"I'm not sure if these are made for women of African-American descent because you can clearly see my real brows," Shay replied.

To which Brian jokes, "Now you have pterodactyl wings."

FOX4's Kerri Stowell asked Shay if the "3 Second Brow" is worth $15. Her response?

3 Second Brow before and after

"Oh no, never. Even if someone gave me this as a gift, no. The color is completely off. I wasn't exactly sure where to place it," she said.

One beauty product down, one to go. Shay and Shyne move on to the "3 Second Lash." The product promises high quality, magnetic lashes that are beautiful, reusable with no glue or irritating residue.

"A guy's perspective, eyelashes do make a difference. I've seen a couple ladies without lashes when I've seen them with lashes and they look like a completely different woman," Brian said.

Shay agreed. She loves lash extensions, so much so that she regularly forks out cash for a longer lash.

"The first time I got them they were $125 and then it's $75 to maintain them. So the thought of being able to do lashes in 3 seconds and at this price is exciting for me," Shay said. "Because I spent so much on them, I'm not going to try them on myself today. And just like with any other radio personality, when you don't want to do something, you get the intern."

So Shay helped intern Dontaydra apply the magnetic lashes, and 3 seconds later told her to take a look. Dontaydra looked in the mirror, turned to the camera and glared.

"I look like lamb chop!" she said.

Shay agrees, adding, "They're a little too short."

Hot 103 Jamz intern Dontaydra

Again, FOX4 asked Shay and Dontaydra if they think the "3 Second Lash" is worth the cash.

Shay spoke for both of them: "The concept is awesome because everyone wants to look beautiful but do it themselves at a low cost. But for me, this is a no go."

So there you have it. When it comes to the "3 Second Brow" and "3 Second Lash," Shay and Shyne say don't waste your time.

Next Friday on FOX4, we're back with another "Try It Before You Buy It." Aaron Carreno from 99.7 The Point will try a product that promises to restore color to your outdoor furniture just in time for summer! See the results on May 18 at 10 p.m.

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