Metro mom still pressing prosecutors, police almost a year after daughter’s shooting death

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro mom believes her persistence put her daughter’s killer behind bars, but only for a little while. He’s already out again.

Prosecutors ruled self-defense after 35-year-old David Love shot and killed his 32-year-old ex-girlfriend Jessika Peppers last August at his home off 57th and Cambridge. But Peppers’s mother Carol said he should never have had a gun.

“I understand there are numerous homicides in Kansas City, but each one is somebody’s kid," Carol Peppers said.

Jessika’s sister Ricki Peppers isn’t buying the self-defense claim.

“You shot my sister in the foot three weeks before you killed her," she said. "It was premeditated, and you honestly cannot convince me otherwise. In my heart, and in my soul, and in what I know, you can’t.”

Jessika Peppers

“As in all homicides, a committee of veteran prosecutors reviewed and declined because they were unanimous that [the] suspect’s claim of self-defense could not be overcome at trial," prosecutors said in an email to FOX4.

But Jessika's mother isn't happy about that.

“I want him to get some kind of punishment for everything that he’s done surrounding her death," Carol Peppers said.

She argues Love was on probation for a felony charge, had a warrant out for his arrest, and his own mother had filed a restraining order against him, which included the term no firearms.

“I’ve been telling the detectives since we found out about it, which was right after Jessika’s death, asking why he wasn’t picked up that day. It’s like you expect grieving parents to do the work,” the metro mom said.

She doesn’t agree but is forced to accept Love won’t go to jail for killing her daughter.

“If he can’t be charged with murder, I get that because they claim she broke in," Carol Peppers said. "But at least lock him up for all this other stuff that he’s doing that is against the law that he shouldn’t be doing.”

She said now it’s a waiting game for prosecutors to decide whether or not to revoke his probation.

“It seems pretty cut and dry to me. If they do, then he will be charged and he could serve up to 10 years for that felony charge,” Carol Peppers said.

How they missed his warrant, Jessika’s family just doesn’t understand. They say it makes the grieving process only that much harder.

“I don’t get it. And yeah, we wonder why there’s this homicide rate off the charts in Kansas City," Carol Peppers said.

KCPD said in an email they’d get back with FOX4 on Tuesday with more information about why Love wasn’t held for violating probation or the restraining order. Court records show the restraining order was once dropped, but as of a few weeks ago, it’s back in place.

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