‘A walking miracle’: Blue Springs South student says she’s lucky to be alive after serious crash

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- A Blue Springs student says she’s lucky to be alive after barely surviving a serious car accident.

Skylar Cranmer broke both of her legs, cracked two vertebrae in her neck and sustained a host of other injuries when a car she was a passenger in crashed on Taylor Road near Blue Springs South High School.

Cranmer was one of four teens traveling in an SUV on the hilly street when the vehicle veered off the road and into a tree.

Photo courtesy of Jackson County Sheriff's Office

Cranmer said the past three weeks in recovery have been life-changing. She's had to learn to walk again and now wears a brace on her neck and a cast on her wrist.

The high school sophomore said she and the other passengers in the vehicle were not wearing seat belts. She considers herself very lucky to have made it out alive.

“Only like 2 percent of people survive after they break or crack that, and I’m only like one of those percents, and they didn’t have an answer. They just told me I was a walking miracle,” Cranmer said.

Investigators said speed was a factor in the crash. Cranmer said she’s not angry at her friend who was driving the vehicle when it crashed. She's just focused on her recovery right now.