Another woman says man exposed himself in second lewd incident in Overland Park

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Two different women have now reported a man exposing himself in Overland Park, and now police have linked both cases to the same gym.

In both cases, police say the encounter started out innocent enough with the man simply asking for directions. but the victims find out what he really wants once they get close to his car.

FOX4 first reported what police are calling a lewd incident near 144th and Lamar last week. A 17-year old girl said she was walking home from Lifetime Fitness the night of May 4 when a man followed her, got her attention and touched himself.

After that report, another woman said the same thing happened to her as she was in the parking lot at the same gym near 135th Street and Metcalf Avenue behind the Corbin Park shopping center.

The man asked for directions and then exposed and fondled himself.

Police were able to find surveillance photos of his car, described as a dark gray Mercedes GL Class SUV.

A suspect vehicle: a dark gray Mercedes GL Class SUV

"There could be more victims out there, and that`s why we are putting it out there the make and model of that vehicle," said John Lacy, Overland Park Police spokesman. "If you are a victim, we want them to contact the Overland Park Police Department."

The suspect is described as a white male, about 35 years old, with slicked or back or spiked hair and facial hair.

Lifetime Fitness released the following statement in regard to the incidents:

"As a company committed to delivering safe and respectful environments, we were alarmed to learn of the reported incident in our parking lot and separate incident later in the day, not on our property. Upon learning of the situation we worked with the member and immediately cooperated with local authorities on their investigation and continue to do so. We have a variety of safety precautions in place, including offering security escorts upon request for members leaving our building and following communication protocols from authorities. We will work vigorously to continue providing our members with a safe and secure environment."