Soaring gas prices fuel concerns, frustrations for metro drivers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- All around the metro, drivers aren’t mincing their words: They're downright sick and tired of relentless, rising gas prices.

Memorial Day is more than a week away and weary drivers are already wondering just how high gas prices will go this summer. They're already putting some drivers in a pinch.

"Pinch? Jesus Christ, they got a stranglehold on you," Warren Smith said.

At Sarpinos in Westport, popping out pizzas and calzones is their specialty at the fast-moving business. But it heavily depends on its delivery drivers to be successful.

In the past two weeks, Darl Wilkens said she's had to dig deeper in her pockets just to do her pizza delivery job.

"Because of the gas prices going up, I've probably spent an extra $10-15 a week doing," she said.

And Wilkens said her livelihood is now on the line due to those rising prices.

"It's our gas, our car, and it gets scary when the gas prices go up," she said.

Wilkens' car is a compact Chevy Cruze, certainly not a gas guzzler.

"I make good gas mileage," she said. "That's the only way I can do this."

In the meantime, Wilkens is hoping for a good tip to make up for the extra cash she's shelling out at the pump.