Friends pay tribute to murdered KC tattoo artist who loved cars with memorial ride

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Hundreds revved up their classic Chryslers, custom-made Camaros, pretty exotic Porsches and a lot more to honor a KC tattoo artist killed in the Northland one week ago.

”He loved designing his tattoos, and he loved driving all kinds of fun, exotic cars,” Bryan Huff said about Russell Fisk, his friend and a former member of the Kansas City Exotics and Super Cars group.

On Friday night, Huff and about 300 other car lovers packed the parking lot of Chux and Trux in the Northland to pay special tribute to Fisk.

Russell Fisk

”Ninety percent of that talk and time we did so many times was all about the sports car and what his next dream and gold car was and how he was going to get there," Huff said.

”He literally would just love a car, and then he would drive it and then trade it, trade it, trade it and trade it. He once told me he had been through 20 cars by the time he celebrated his 30th birthday earlier this month. He was just the nicest guy, and we miss him,” Joyce Layman said of her friend.

A week ago, police say Fisk was shot and killed while driving his $250,000 custom-made BMW.

On Friday night, Fisk’s friends and former clients took to the streets of the Northland in their Mustangs, Buicks and other cool cars for a memorial ride to Russell James.

”We just wanted to do this to remember him, honor him. It’s our way of giving back for everything he’s given to us," Huff said.

The group also raised money to help Fisk’s co-workers and employees at his Black Card Tattoo Shop carry on the popular tattoo artist’s vision and legacy.

”I think it’s really, really beautiful all of the support, all of the events and all of the other things that are happening in memory of him,”  Fisk’s former girlfriend, Kasie Phillips, said.

“I think he’d be thrilled, looking down and smiling. You know this was his passion and thing,” Huff said.

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