Royals catcher Drew Butera dyes hair after making pact with boy battling cancer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Drew Butera has added a little something extra to his signature hair, and the change is fueled by something a little larger than a hit for the Kansas City Royals.

It started with a pact made on Dec. 14, 2016, which reads, "When you kick cancer's butt, you can dye my hair any color you want," and has two signatures on it: Butera's and a little boy named Dagan.

The Royals shared a photo of that pact, and in the background is Butera in the middle of a hair appointment on Friday.

Well, Dagan beat his cancer and got to pick the new color for the Royals catcher's hair -- and it wasn't Royal blue, that's for sure!

See the big color reveal and hear from Butera in the video above.