Local high school girls earn NCWIT Awards for aspirations in computing

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Women in science.  In this week's Reaching 4 Excellence, we are highlighting two stately high school juniors who are both recipients of the 2018 NCWIT Award for aspirations in computing. The award was created to encourage and recognize young women for their accomplishments in the computing and technological fields.

"I'm trying to show girls that engineering and computing is something that they are capable of doing," said Keshvi Mahalingam.

Mahalingam loves technology, engineering and computing. She's been going to STEM camps and workshops since the 6th grade, but never felt like she quite fit in.

"I'm almost always the only girl," said Mahalingam. It was tough at times, but she keep pushing though.

"I'm definitely trying to break some barriers here," said Mahalingam. "I was always too stubborn to quit."

Noelle Green was also too stubborn to quit.

"I want to experience everything that I can, while I can," said Green.

She and Keshvi received the NCWIT Award for aspirations in computing. Winners were selected based on achievement and interest.

Noelle described her key interest. "I think sexual health is a really important thing in girls lives," said Green.

Noelle tells us she wrote a program similar to Google Assistant.

"It's for anyone who's been in harassment or assault issue," said Green.

If someone is a victim, they can use the tool to get help.

“I’m a victim of domestic abuse and then it will give you feedback," said Green.


Feedback such as phone numbers, resources, even connecting victims with police.

We caught up with both ladies at the Heartland Regional Robotics Competiton put on by KC STEAM Alliance. The ladies say they strive for greatness on a daily basis and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

"My goal is to become the best version of myself." said Mahalingam. Keshvi wants a career in neuroscience.

Noelle wants to either go into forensics or use her computing and technological background to build a non profit focused on sexual education of youth.


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