Second man pleads guilty to kidnap and rape of Johnson County deputy

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OLATHE, Kan. -- A second man pleaded guilty on Thursday to raping and kidnapping a Johnson County Sheriff's deputy in 2016.

Brady Newman-Caddell

Brady Newman-Caddell is facing charges including aggravated kidnapping, two counts of rape, and aggravated criminal sodomy.

According to police, Newman-Caddell and William Luth abducted the deputy as she was heading into work at the Johnson County Detention Center. They drove her away, took turns raping her, and eventually dropped her off near a Sheriff's Office in Lee's Summit.

Johnson County District Attorney Stephen Howe said before the rape, cell phone records show William Luth texted Newmann-Caddell saying, "she isn't going to see you, I'll knock her out."

Howe went on to to say that at one point during the sexual assault, Newman-Caddell, "told Mr. Luth to stop because he was hurting her."

Newman-Cadell, who was driving the car during the first attack, switched with Luth and also raped the victim.

"After the sexual assault, he whispered to her that he would get her out of this and he would be okay," Stephen Howe said in court Thursday.

Back in February, William Luth was sentenced to 41 years and three months for the rape and kidnapping. He also pleaded guilty.

Luth received a sentence that was about double the standard penalty for rape, because of how violent the crime was. The district attorney said they won't ask for any less time for Newman-Caddell than they did for Luth. Because of that, Newman-Caddell is entitled to have a jury determine if he is guilty, and if the factors are there to enhance his sentence. That will all happen October 15th.

Newman-Caddell and Luth are both charged in another rape from 2016 in Independence.

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