Businesses & vehicles in Independence under water after heavy rain

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- More than a dozen cars and a few businesses are under water in Independence, Mo., after heavy rains moved through Friday morning.

Some of the worst flooding happened along 24-Highway near Northern. It resulted in more than 20 cars, a gas station, a title loan company, a car wash and a liquor store under water.

Thelma Jordan, owner of the liquor store

The owner of the liquor store told FOX4  this is the fifth time her business has flooded in the past three years. She blames a broken culvert on the opposite side of the street in Sugar Creek for the flooding.

The property owner believes it’s Sugar Creek’s responsibility to fix. Meanwhile, Sugar Creek believes it’s the property owners problem.

"It's horrible," owner Thelma Jordan said. "It just keeps happening and nobody will fix it. It's on the property across the street that's blocked. There was gravel put it and it blocked the thing."

Jordan says she doesn’t care who fixes it. She just wants it fixed so when it rains her business doesn’t flood.

She estimates the flooding caused $200,000 of damage.