Summer brings more people to metro farmers markets looking for fresh good food

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Myra Brown stuck to her plan and routine as she explored the Overland Park Farmer's Market on Saturday morning.

"I went to the grocery store yesterday and was saying, 'I’m going to the farmers market in the morning,'" Brown said.

It's a place Tim Merklein and his family find themselves at least once a week to help prepare for their meals for the week.

"It tastes fresher often times. Part of it is fun knowing that you went out with your family to gather those ingredients beforehand and hopefully they’ll appreciate that more," Merklein said.

However, with the many options available to buy at the market, the idea of cooking everything you buy can become daunting.

"One of the challenges, when you first start going to the farmers market, is you can buy all this stuff but when you get home you don’t know what to do with it," said Katie Newell with the Culinary Center of Kansas City.

Newell will be one of several instructors from the Culinary Center of Kansas City leading summer classes for adults and children to help them make the most of their market purchases.

"I think if you come in here and you see the way produce is being prepared and you walk out with a recipe booklet and you have ideas of what you could do, how you can make different substitutions at home, the next time you come to the farmers market you’re going to be empowering yourself to make better choices and do a better job," Newell said.

It's a job and opportunity Newell said can help families open themselves to new experiences in the kitchen and at their table.

"I think to make it more attainable to make people feel comfortable in their kitchen. I also think there is so much we can learn from other people and their cultures through the way they eat and celebrate the family table," she said.

To find the summer schedule for classes at the Culinary Center, click here.

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