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A look at how guns impact domestic violence situations

It's a fact: When an abuser has access to a gun, statistics show domestic violence is more likely to turn deadly.

But what does it take to get firearms away from domestic violence offenders?

North Carolina is one of 15 states that requires offenders under a domestic violence restraining order to turn over their guns to law enforcement.

Watch the video above as Fox's Melissa Painter shows how a law in North Carolina is working.

In the Kansas City metro, there are several domestic violence shelters and resources available. Click the links or call the phone numbers listed below if you or someone you know needs help.


Hope House: 816-461-HOPE

Newhouse: 816-471-5800

Rose Brooks: 816-861-6100


Safehome: 913-262-2868

Friends of Yates: 913-321-0951