“Take It or Leave It” the Iceland edition

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Karli Ritter is back from Iceland and shared some of her travel tips with the FOX4 morning crew. They had a little fun with a quick game of "Take It or Leave It." Below you'll find Karli's suggestions. Watch the video above for her reasons.

Umbrella-- Leave it

Swimsuit-- Take it

Sunscreen-- Take it

Cash-- Leave it, everywhere takes credit

Tips from an Iceland local: "Please bring warm clothes.  Even though the sun has been shining, it is still rather cold in Iceland J.  Pack layers of clothes, a waterproof jacket, scarf, hat, gloves, good walking shoes, Warm underwear (long johns), waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers, warm socks, Hiking pants, Down jacket, Warm cap, Gloves, Backpack to have while walking and bathing suits for a dip in a hot pool! Passport is of course needed as you know."