2 kids’ second-degree burns from hot playground spurs change in Grandview

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- The hot slides in a Grandview park that burned two little girls who were playing on them are now permanently closed.

The burns happened over Memorial Day Weekend in two separate incidents. Both girls got second-degree burns.

On Friday, the Grandview Parks and Recreation Department met with the slide manufacturer. According to city officials, the manufacturer is getting estimates for options to keep kids safe.

Right now, the entrances of the slides at John Anderson Park are blocked off with plywood.

Valarie Poindexter, a spokesperson for the City of Grandview, said one option would be a canopy covering the whole playground. Another would be placing a coating over the slides. The last would be replacing the uncovered slides with covered slides.

"It looks like covered slides will be the most cost effective for the city and the taxpayers right now," Poindexter said.

A canopy would have been around $60,000.

"I think the estimate is around $10,000 to $15,000 to replace the slides, but covered ones, at least they won`t get hot," Poindexter said. "So if kids do happen to go down it in their swim wear, they won`t have to worry about getting hurt."

On Thursday, the city put up a sign banning kids in swimwear from going own the slides.

Poindexter said she expects changes to happen in the next 4-6 weeks.

FOX4 checked in with other parks departments in the metro to learn what they do to protect kids.

Johnson County Parks and Recreation builds slides facing either the north or east to prevent direct sunlight. A spokesperson for Overland Park said they don't put up any warning signs in the heat because they have plastic slides.

"We'll do a Facebook blast and social media blasts to let parents know that equipment can get hot," said Jeremy Rogers, parks and recreation director for the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and KCK.

A spokesperson for the KCMO Parks and Recreation Department said they are, "currently in the planning process updating our departments signage that will include playground signage advising parents to use caution when equipment is wet or hot to the touch."

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