KC’s Nonprofit Leadership Alliance marks 70 years, honors founder H. Roe Bartle

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two-term Kansas City Mayor H. Roe Bartle’s legacy is plain to see all over the metro.

There’s Bartle Hall at the Kansas City Convention Center and, because Roe was instrumental in bringing the NFL to Kansas City, the team’s name is an homage to the man everyone called “The Chief.”

But Bartle’s powerful legacy is also changing lives every day in ways that you don’t always see.

In addition to being a mayor, a business leader and a preacher, Bartle dedicated to charitable works.

That’s why in 1948, Bartle created the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, an agency designed to teach the next generation of leaders in the nonprofit sector.

“Former Mayor Bartle founded our organization at a time when most people weren’t thinking about nonprofit careers,” said Susan Tomlinson Schmidt, president of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

The organization has programs in more than 40 college campuses where students can earn the exclusive Certified Nonprofit Leadership credential.

Bartle put Kansas City on the forefront in the charitable sector, a part of the reason so many national charities like the VFW, Alpha Phi Omega, Camp Fire, Water.org and more have made Kansas City their national headquarters.

On Saturday night, FOX4 anchor John Holt will emcee the organization’s 70th anniversary gala.