FOX4’s Marcus Officer gets up close and personal with sharks at Springfield aquarium

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- In just a few weeks, you won't have to travel to the coast in order to swim with sharks. You'll be able to swim with sharks and more wonders of the water at the Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium.

"For the first time ever, guests who visit Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium, will actually be able to get inside one of the habitats with the animals by wearing an air helmet and going down inside a metal cage," Shelby Stephenson, of Wonders of Wildlife, said.

Later this month, a shark cage in one of the aquarium's exhibits will be open for the public to go underwater with some of their favorite animals. The cage allows patrons to go 8 feet under water and mere inches away from some of the sea's most fascinating creatures.

"The animals that you’ll see when you do the Out to Sea Shark Dive include Brown and Sand Tiger sharks as well as Atlantic Goliath Groupers which are actually are biggest fish in the aquarium weighing up to 400 pounds. You’ll also see some ferocious barracuda and lots of colorful reef fish," Stephenson said.

It's an experience Amy Sanders is excited to try out as soon as it's open.

"I’ve always been fascinated with marine life and I think it would be a neat experience just to be able to say you’ve done something like that. And to have it local makes it even better," she said.

The exhibit will open later in June. The cage is open for people ages 10 and up and costs about $130 per person. They'll spend around 20 minutes in the water alongside a safety diver.

For more information on the exhibit and how you can swim with sharks, visit their website.

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