KCMO woman was sitting in her duplex when someone walked in and shot her

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A woman is in the hospital in serious condition after someone shot her Monday morning in her own home.

Neighbors claim there's been too much shooting going on near 45th Street and Spruce Avenue.

Police said the victim, or someone who lives with the victim in a duplex, called 911 just before 10 a.m. Officers said the woman was able to tell officers that an acquaintance, came to the home and shot her.

Detectives are working to release a suspect description but already are looking for a person of interest.

Neighbors tell FOX4 too many people ignore shootings that happen around them until the violence touches their lives.

Some say petty disputes too often end in bloodshed.

"The young people need to be more, just think," said Lorenzo Black, who lives nearby. "Just use common sense and rationalize some of these situations. A lot of this stuff is petty. 'You stepped on my shoe.' 'He looked at me funny.' Just senseless murders. There ain't no good murder, but these murders are just senseless."

This appears to be a case of domestic violence and police were quick to dismiss any connection to a recent homicide nearby, or an overnight shooting incident in Cleveland Park.

"It’s hard for us to stop acquaintances from getting angry at each other and deciding the best way to finish that argument is by shooting one another," KCPD Major Tye Grant said. "That’s just completely senseless."

Some say they've become immune to the sounds of sirens and gunfire. But detectives are hopeful people will care enough to call in information about what they see and hear, if they want the violence to stop.

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