Child rape victim being harassed by former KC teacher’s supporters, father says

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OLATHE, Kan. -- Former metro teacher Randall Carter appeared Wednesday in Johnson County Court, and there was someone in the courtroom who had a personal reason to be there.

Carter is charged with rape of a child, aggravated criminal sodomy and aggravated indecent liberties with a child -- all victims under the age of 14.

Randall Carter

"We have confidence that the justice system will deal appropriately with this scum bag child predator Randall Carter,” said the father of one of Carter’s alleged victims.

Strong words from the father of a strong 15-year-old girl who was the first to alert adults about a secret her dad said she kept for years.

"When these crimes started, she was only 10. We have to remember that," the girl’s father said. “She was a 10-year-old little girl, and this man was a teacher, a coach, a minister. She trusted him. We trusted him as a family."

A sheep in wolf's clothing is how the victim's father describes the man they trusted. Carter is charged with raping and sodomizing this man's daughter and others at Carter's Overland Park home, among other locations.

FOX4 is not identifying the father to protect the victim’s identity.

The metro dad said Carter would invite children to his home for Saturday night sleepovers and then take the kids to church in the morning. While his daughter slept, the victim's father said Carter would sneak into her room and sexually assault her.

"The sad part about pedophiles is they are great manipulators,” the father said. “They know what to say and how to say it, and that becomes very easily manipulating to young children, and that is the sick, sad part about all of this."

He described this experience as excruciatingly difficult on his daughter and family.

Even though Carter is in jail, the victim’s father said his daughter is still being tortured by Carter's supporters.

"She has received numerous statements and threats about making these accusations about Mr. Carter," the father said. "She is still being victimized."

Carter most recently taught at Lee A. Tolbert Academy and, prior to that, at Pathway Academy and University Academy -- schools where he allegedly met his victims.

"We beg and plead for any other victims to please come forward contact the Overland Park Police Department and tell them your story,” the victim’s father said. "We do believe there are more victims out here, and my daughter has opened this door for these victims to come forward without fear of retribution or harm from Randall Carter."

Originally, Carter was charged with sexually assaulting two girls. Since FOX4 shared this story, a third alleged victim has come forward.

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