Metro landlord surprises tenants with football autographed by Peyton Manning

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- One of Peyton Manning's biggest fans in the metro and her son got a big surprise Thursday.

“I'm overwhelmed. I'm overjoyed, and it takes a whole lot for me to cry,” Tamika Daniels said.

Tamika and her 9-year-old son Peyton Daniels got the surprise of their lives on Thursday.

“It lets you know there are still good people in the world,” Daniels said.

They got a Denver Broncos football signed by Peyton Manning from their landlord.

“I love him so much. I mean, I named my son after him. I always said, 'I`ll wait, give it a little more time, and I`ll try to write him again,'” Daniels said.

It's an exciting surprise not only for Tamika but also for her son.

Tamika and Peyton Daniels

“Tamika told me he`s not supposed to be alive at all, and he's one in a billion,” said Patrick Looney, the owner of the home.

Tamika Daniels said she`s written multiple letters over the years to Peyton Manning's Peyback Foundation for her son.

“I was like, 'That would be nice, but it`s going to be hard to come by,'” Daniels said. “I was a Peyton Manning fan, and I said if I have a boy his name is going to be Peyton. If I have a girl, the name is going to Payton.”

Her son, 9-year-old Peyton, suffered serious brain injuries at six months old.

“When he was six months old, he fell between the mattress and the headboard and was suffocated. He was without oxygen. They think he was down for like 20 minutes,” Daniels said. “The doctors said, 'Mom, he`s not going to live through the night.'”

He did survive but needs around-the-clock care.

When she met her landlord, she told him about their struggles and her love for Manning.

“She just takes everything on, and I was so moved, so I wanted to see what I could do,” Looney said.

Looney said a close family friend knew someone influential in Peyton Manning`s world, and everyone was very moved by their story.

So he pulled some strings for his new tenant and got a signed Peyton Manning football and presented it to them Thursday.

“I feel blessed to have four amazing young, healthy kids, and I just see the way Tamika handles it with Peyton...and it`s amazing,” Looney says, “Just try to be nice to your neighbor, something you could maybe do to make a big difference to them.”

“I’m thankful and grateful, honestly, from the bottom of my heart,” says Daniels, “That just says a lot, that he took the time out to think of me and my son.”

Peyton’s birthday is July 9th. He's turning 10. His mom said the new football will be his birthday present.

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