President Trump threatens gag rule after report alleges Planned Parenthood failed to report sex abuse of minors

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Planned Parenthood’s federal funding is once again in jeopardy.

On Thursday lawmakers will respond to President Trump’s threat to strip the clinic of that funding because of a new report that claims employees didn’t report suspected sexual abuse of minors to police.

The group Live Action used court records and interviews to detail instances where a minor went to Planned Parenthood for an abortion and told employees she had either been raped, abused by a relative, or was a victim of sex trafficking – and nothing was done. Because of that, President Trump is threatening to institute a new gag rule.

Planned Parenthood argued against these claims, saying the group uses out of context and heavily edited video to show wrongdoing.

If the gag order goes into effect, it would prohibit health care providers from telling patients where to go for reproductive services or an abortion. It would also stop taxpayer dollars from going to facilities that either perform abortions or refer patients to abortion facilities.

The clinics receive around $60 million a year in federal funding.

Planned Parenthood says four million women across the nation need that money to get the health care and reproductive services they need. Without it, low-income women wouldn’t be able to go to there anymore.

Planned Parenthood officials are calling this gag rule an attack on women’s basic rights as a some fear it will lead to unsafe abortions and cause women to die from pregnancy-related complications.

But here’s the catch: because Planned Parenthood receives federal funds, it is required to report suspected child abuse to police. And with the new report claiming that in several instances Planned Parenthood did not report suspected abuse, the clinic might lose this money as punishment.

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