Good Samaritans help Independence man who said ‘con man’ ruined his driveway

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A fired-up Chuck Staton says he’s convinced the man he paid to black top his driveway instead ripped him off and left behind a sloppy mess.

”I am a little mad about it because no sense taking advantage of somebody like that. It’s just crazy, and it’s wrong,” Staton said.

The 73-year-old is peeved because he said James Wilson drove by his home on May 24 and first offered to re-do his driveway.

”Well, the guy stopped here and asked me to do it for $280, and I said no, and then he came down to $180.00 to do my driveway,” Staton said.

He said he paid Wilson the $180 for what he thought would be a simple job.

”He gave me a receipt. It’s got a 3-year warranty on it, and his helper even said if I wasn’t satisfied, they’d come back and do it over. But now Wilson won’t return my phone calls, and I keep leaving him messages on his cell phone,” Staton said.

Chuck Staton

Hours after Wilson and his helper covered Staton’s driveway with a so-called “waterproof” tar, Staton said a heavy rainstorm blew through Independence and washed away a lot of the tar that’s also stained his garage doors and splattered on his front steps.

”It’s just a big mess, and cleaning up his mess may now cost me at least $400. Man, I’m on a fixed income, and I cannot afford that,” Staton said.

FOX4's Robert Townsend and Staton both called Wilson’s cell phone Tuesday and left him a message, but neither heard back from him.

”He just wanted my money. I just want him to come out and clean everything up, which I doubt if he does because he’s a con man,” Staton said.

In the meantime, the Better Business Bureau wants to remind consumers to always thoroughly check out a home repair company before you pay them. Also, remember if you think you’ve been scammed, call and report the business to the bureau.

Station now plans to file a complaint against Wilson.

“I ain’t gonna do it no more for nobody! You can’t trust nobody no more, and that’s a sad thing really because most people are good,” he said.

His faith in people may have been restored.

After seeing our story on June 12, Liz Pickering, the store manager at McConnell and Associates in North Kansas City instantly wanted to help.

“We donated the materials and had two guys from D & R Coatings in Kansas City put a proper coat of sealer down on Mr. Station’s drive-way and within five hours, he had a new, nicer drive-way. I also helped Mr. Station clean off the excess tar that splattered onto his garage doors and railings,” Liz Pickering said.

“I’m just so thankful to all that they did for me and I also want to thank FOX 4 for putting the story out there,” Chuck Staton said.