Vigil planned for victims of tragic Parkville shooting and 14-year-old survivor

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PARKVILLE, Mo. -- A vigil is planned for Tuesday night to remember a family tragically killed in Platte County and the only survivor, a 14-year-old girl.

The vigil is scheduled for 7 p.m. It will take place in front of the surviving teen's home, 5830 NW Walnut Court. A neighbor who planned the vigil said there will be teachers and students there. The teachers will be there to console the teen's classmates and friends.

The 14-year-old survivor is the one who called 911 Sunday night to report that her father, 50-year-old Doug Pauling, shot and killed three people before taking his own life. The victims are 73-year-old Sharmalee Pauling; her husband, 67-year-old Carl Deruyscher; and Pauling’s ex-daughter-in-law, 49-year-old Margaret “Maggie” Girard. Doug was Sharmalee's son.

73-year-old Sharmalee Pauling; her husband, 67-year-old Carl Deruyscher

49-year-old Margaret “Maggie” Girard

50-year-old Doug Pauling

The young girl told investigators that her father, Doug, tried to come after her, but she was able to escape unharmed.

Investigators say it was a family dinner that turned deadly. They are still trying to determine a motive.

Family and friends set up a GoFundMe page for the 14-year-old survivor. Click or tap here to donate.

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