Residents from metro assisted living community cheer on neighbor at T-Bones game

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A member of the T-Bones had a little extra support at Wednesday's game, and it came from his "extended family."

Nick Torres' large cheering section were people who live at an assisted living community in KCK. The T-Bones outfielder considers them "family" but also calls them neighbors.

Nick Torres and his wife Korrin have been living at The Piper Assisted Living Community for a little more than a month.

“We`re staying at The Piper. Most of the players here stay with host families, and this was a host family option. So when they offered it to us, we jumped on the idea of being surrounded by a bunch of loving grandparents,” Korrin Torres said. “It`s been such a cool place to be with people who support and love on us all the time.”

Dozens of seniors from The Piper came to the game Wednesday to cheer on Torres and the rest of the T-Bones.

“Well, I`m a ball fan!” said Mary Brooks, a resident at The Piper Assisted Living. “It`s wonderful to be out here and to come and see the T-Bones play.”

“So excited. They've been talking about it all week,” Korrin Torres said.

“It absolutely fits what we try to do, you know," said Adam Ehlert, the president of the Kansas City T-Bones. "We're not Major League Baseball, and that is fun and good and wonderful and has a terrific place in our society and our community. Independent minor league baseball is a different fit and a different feel, and it`s really exciting to see how we can impact lives. And the interaction of Nick and his wife and their dog with the residents of The Piper is what really makes it worthwhile."

The Torres family lives at the assisted living community and spends time with the residents, so being at the game Wednesday meant the world -- to all of them.

“A lot of them are so young at heart still, and getting out and being able to be social and see people they love is huge,” Korrin Torres said.

“That is terrific just to get out -- oh, oh, somebody did something!” Brooks said after a great T-Bones play.

“They've been so great to us and just so warm and welcoming, so for them to be able to come out here today and to come out and support is awesome,” Nick Torres said.

The T-Bones rallied Wednesday but lost 9-8 to Sioux City.

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