“Into the Glacier”: Karli Ritter takes you under the ground and into the ice

LANGJOKULL, Iceland -- Did you know  1/10 of Iceland's surface is covered in ice?

When FOX4's Karli Ritter traveled along Kansas City's first nonstop transatlantic flight, she found herself taking part in the "Into the Glacier" experience.

Like the lava caves, this experience begins two hours outside of Reykjavík, but the similarities stop there.

Old German missile transport trucks have been remodeled to transport visitors to the top of the glacier. An app controls the ever changing tire pressure so they can navigate over the snow covered ice caps to the top.

Inside the tunnel is cold and dark with the temperature a consistent 32 degrees no matter the conditions outside which can lead to some interesting phenomena inside.

Watch the video above for the stunning sights and sounds Karli is still talking about weeks after her trip.