Israeli flag at Sister Cities International Bridge on Plaza disappears

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One of the flags on Kansas City's Sister Cities International Bridge disappeared this week -- and it happened to be the Israeli flag.

And many believe this was intentional.

“I’ve just come back from Israel, and I find it very disappointing that anybody would do that,” said Blumah Wineberg, an active member of the Kansas City Jewish Community.

Kansas City has 13 sister cities. There's a flag for each one on the Sister Cities International Bridge located over Brush Creek on the Country Club Plaza.

In the last 72 hours, one disappeared.

The Israeli flag was stolen recently from the Sister Cities International Bridge in KC.

“Anytime you see one country that is targeted over all the others, especially when it`s Israel, that obviously would be something upsetting,” Wineberg said.

Those who noticed the flag was missing contacted Kansas City Parks and Recreation. A manager told them that someone took the flag from its place on the bridge.

“The fact that it was the flag taken, obviously it would appear to be intentional,” Wineberg said. “Hopefully it wasn`t done intentionally, but if it was, I feel like perhaps they`re very mistaken in their understanding of how Israel is trying so very hard to make it a very thriving and wonderful place for all kinds of people to live.”

A KC Parks and Recreation employee told FOX4 this is very unusual and hasn't happened before.

Typically, the only reason a flag is removed is for repairs or cleaning.

“America has always been very good to all its citizens in terms of a place to worship and practice, and when a challenge like this comes our way, maybe it`s just time for us to strengthen our identity,” Wineberg said.

Just a few hours after being notified, Parks and Rec employees replaced the missing flag.

KC Parks and Recreation quickly replaced the stolen flag Thursday.

“I think it`s amazing that our Parks and Recreation was able to take care of it so quickly. It definitely should not have happened to begin with, but I trust that the agencies that are working with this will get to the bottom of it,” Wineberg said.

The concern isn't just about the flag. Given the climate around the country, even the world, many are concerned there's a growing trend of hate, anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic sentiment.

But Wineberg said this could be a good lesson, and it`s all about how you approach it.

“Light always overcomes darkness, so when you see something which is dark, just turn on the light,” Wineberg said.

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