KC man seriously injured after being hit by paintball gun while walking down street

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City man was seriously hurt after police say someone shot him in the eye with a paintball gun.

It was one of several aggravated assaults with paintball guns that happened Wednesday, according to police. They were concentrated near 29th and Norton.

One of the victims, who was hit on Van Brunt, talked to FOX4 off camera and said he doesn't have  any peripheral vision out of the eye the shooter hit. The eye is bruised and swollen.

The man said he was walking when someone in a silver Chevy Impala drove up and shot him in the eye with a paintball gun. He doesn’t know if the vision loss will last.

When people go to Jaeger's, it’s required they wear protective masks over their eyes.

"The only part of your body that is actually vulnerable to a paintball is your eye," said Mike Baker, assistant manager of Jaeger’s Paintball. "It's soft tissue."

The  victim wasn’t expecting to take a hit on a regular street and had nothing to protect his face.

KCPD said when they found the suspect’s car, the suspect started shooting at their patrol car and one of the people inside ran away. The passenger then took the wheel, and police took him into custody when they saw him try to go inside a house.

Martin City Paintball’s co-owner said it’s disappointing to see someone being reckless and  irresponsible with paintball guns.

"It’s like a random act of violence," said Joker, the co-owner of Martin City Paintball. "A paintball gun is a dangerous gun that is absolutely as dangerous as a fire arm when it comes to your eye. A paintball gun can take out your eye very easily."

Charges haven’t been filed yet for the assaults. The victim told FOX4 he has a follow up doctor’s appointment for his eye next week.

"When you go out and attack someone who isn’t playing, that’s not what the game is about," Baker said.

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