Girl escapes attempted abduction in the Northland

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City police are looking for a man who tried to grab a young girl who was running near Kellybrook Elementary School in the Northland.

It happened just after noon on Sunday. Kansas City Police said a 14-year-old female was out jogging when a man she had never seen before approached her and grabbed her from behind. The girl was able to fight him off and quickly run home. Her parents immediately called police.

They describe the suspect as an older Hispanic male around 6 feet tall with dark hair and a goatee. He appeared to have come from a white older model four-door sedan with rust along the bottom.

Amaiya Mckeithen was the victim in this terrifying ordeal. She describes the minutes leading up to this attack.

“I was running past the school and I heard yelling from behind me, why are you running, where are you running,” Mckeithen said.

She ran faster, that’s when she said a man ran after her.

“He came to me very quickly, was running fast. Grabbed me from behind like a bear hug, like my arms were so my only instinct that I’ve been taught by both my parents was to turn around very quickly, kick him in between his legs so that I could get away. I went around the school to try and not lead him back to my house and then I was able to go home,” Mckeithen said.

Amaiya says she feels blessed to have gotten out of this situation alive.

“I’m mostly thankful that God allowed me to be here right now,” McKeithen said.

Mckeithen says the one thing that helped her escape this dangerous encounter, is training from her dad.

“My father is actually a former police officer so he has taught all of us lots of things or tactics like if that were to happen,” McKeithen said.

Her parents Sheka and Reggie McKeithen say they knew something was wrong as soon as their daughter came home.

“Just seeing my daughter panicked and worried like she was it just, it’s heartbreaking. No one wants to have their daughter hurt or just think about the possibility of what could have happened,” mom Sheka McKeithen said.

Her parents say they’re grateful, knowing this situation could have ended much worse.

“It’s amazing the things your kids remember in a time of crisis so I’m so appreciative that we were able to go through some of those tactics, some of those movements that practically saved her life today,” dad Reggie McKeithen said.

The family is working with police, and hoping their neighbors stay on the lookout so that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

“Even though we’re grateful that she’s here, just the fact that he’s still out there is worrisome to me,” mom Sheka McKeithen said.

Anyone with information about this crime or video footage of this occurrence should call Kansas City Missouri Police.

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