Semi truck crashes over edge of overpass on I-670 at I-70

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A truck driver was injured Sunday when his semi crashed over the edge of an overpass and plummeted onto the ground below.

The crash happened around 4 p.m. on Interstate 670 near I-70.

Bill Newcamp was working at the scene at the time and saw the crash. He told FOX4 he called 911 and rushed over to the wreck, and found the driver alert and attempting to get out of the truck.

He said the man was bleeding from his ears and from an injury to his head. Emergency crews arrived and took the driver to a hospital. His condition is unknown at this time.

“[Paramedics] said they don’t know if he’ll make it, but I hope he does. Because it’s a miracle that man is alive. Unbelievable,” Newcamp said.

The trailer was branded Harry Logistics, a company out of Fresno, California. Newcamp said the crash sent boxes of lettuce or celery all over the ground.

“It’s a miracle this man’s alive. There’s no way he should’ve survived this. That’s a heck of a drop. What would you say, 100 feet? If not more?” Newcamp said.

Firefighters and police remained on scene Sunday evening. The cause of the crash has not yet been determined.

Eastbound 670 was closed as the clean-up took place. It has since re-opened.

The driver’s identity has not been released.