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Problem Solved: Man refunds $700 to KCK nuns for work he didn’t do

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A group of Catholic nuns who help the community now find themselves needing a little help of their own.

The sisters of the Poor of Jesus Christ in KCK are out big bucks after someone they hired to do a construction job took off with their money.

The mission of the sisters of the Poor of Jesus Christ is to help homeless men and the surrounding KCK community by providing food, clothing and comfort.

It seems someone took advantage of their kindness.

"The big problem is this gentleman took 700 dollars of the sisters' money and has not returned it and has just stonewalled them," David Whitaker said. Whitaker is with Ascension Knights of Columbus.

The Poor of Jesus Christ do not get money from the KCK Archdiocese. They rely 100 percent on donations to live and help the community.

"They literally go down to the bowels of the city." Whitaker added. "They have probably 7 or 8 nuns here and they work hard."

Now they're also working hard to clean up where old playground equipment once stood because it became an insurance issue. The sisters and volunteers are tearing down and cleaning up, because they said they paid William Katlin of Katlin's Demos $700 in April to do the work and he never did it.

Whitaker said he has contacted Katlin many times to try and work this out.

"And to the point he basically told me to leave him alone, so I told sister, I said, 'I think we need to go a little bit further.' So that is why I sent a notification to the Problem Solvers and also contacted the Assistant District Attorney here in Kansas City, Kansas," Whitaker explained.

So FOX4 Problem Solvers went looking for Bill Katlin, who seems to have absconded with the nuns' money.

We couldn't find Katlin at any of his associated addresses and some, like this empty lot, did not exist.

But we did find him on the phone.

Katlin said he has been busy and can not make the nuns a priority even though they have been waiting for months and have already paid him.

"I don't appreciate you sticking your nose where it don't belong. There are plenty of things you could be talking about," Katlin told FOX4.

"Well, 700 dollars from nuns that don't have much money is a pretty big deal," FOX4's Shannon O'Brien replied, but Katlin didn't seem to care.

"Well, they got a lot more money than that," he said.

"Is that your official response to me not to stick my nose in your business or would you like to say something else for the story?" O'Brien asked.

"Well I would like you to know that I am going to take care of my business but I don't appreciate you calling me about something that has not concern of you whatsoever," Katlin insisted.

"700 dollars from a group of nuns that deal with the homeless and needy. I mean, you have to ask yourself, what kind of a person would do something like that?" Whitaker said.

The sister who runs Poor of Jesus Christ said she has not heard from Katlin in three weeks until today, after our phone conversation. She said Katlin called her and promised to refund her money.

The sisters called FOX4 to say right after our story aired, Katlin showed up and returned their money.

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