Metro man freed following wrongful conviction facing legal trouble once again

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- He spent nearly two decades behind bars for a crime he didn't commit, and just a year after his release, he could soon be behind bars again.

In 2017, Richard Jones was cleared of a robbery he did not commit and freed from prison after 17 years behind bars. Two weeks ago, he was arrested again. Police said they got a call from the daughter of Jones’ live-in girlfriend.

The woman said while visiting their house it was apparent her mom and Jones had been arguing. She said Jones had what looked like a black AR-15 rifle. The woman was scared and called police.

When officers arrived, court documents state they found a semiautomatic rifle in a closet of the house and a baggie of drugs.

FOX4 caught up with Jones on Thursday. Because this is a criminal matter going through the courts, he could not talk about the incident but said, “I don’t want to let everybody down. Like I said, there is two sides to every story. The truth will come out just like it did in my exoneration case, so I just pray on it and keep moving forward.”

Jones was 25 when he went into prison for the crime he did not commit and is now 42. Although Jones was cleared of the 1999 robbery, he had been convicted of a felony before that as a young man, so he is not allowed to possess a gun.

Jones will be in court July 5 for his preliminary hearing.

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