One of two victims shot outside Overland Park school dies from injuries, police say

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- One of the people shot Tuesday morning by a co-worker has died, officials say.

The victim, whose name has not yet been released, was one of two contractors shot while working outside a Blue Valley elementary school.

Both victims were taken to a metro hospital. The second victim is still in critical condition, police said Tuesday afternoon.

After an attempted carjacking, a successful carjacking and a police standoff, the suspect was taken into custody just before noon Tuesday.

157th and Roe: Sunrise Point Elementary School where a man shot two people he was working with on Tuesday, July 3, 2018.

Officer John Lacy, spokesperson for Overland Park Police, said the two people who were shot were contractors working on Sunrise Point Elementary School's playground. The man who shot them was also working for the same contractor.

Police said the suspect, who's name has not been released yet, allegedly attempted to carjack someone at a car wash but was unsuccessful. A few blocks away, the suspect stole a black Denali from someone and drove away.

Overland Park police said they believe after the carjacking, the suspect drove to the home of the man who owned the stolen vehicle. That home was not far from the scene of the shooting. That's where police arrested the suspect after a standoff.

The four active scenes where police were present include:

  • 157th and Roe: Sunrise Point Elementary School where the shooting took place.
  • 151st and Metcalf: The suspect attempted to carjack someone at a car wash, but the suspect was unsuccessful.
  • 148th and Metcalf: The suspect took a black Denali from someone and drove away.
  • 160th and Rosewood: The suspect drove to the home of the man who owned the Denali.

Lacy said there was an argument prior to the shooting, but it is unclear at this time what that argument was about.

There were no kids on  or around the school's property when the shooting happened. The individual who was carjacked was not injured, but police say he was understandably shaken up.

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